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What Others are Saying


“Love as an Art Form is so much more than a 30 day devotional about love. It's a man's soul journey poured out across the pages of a book. It's deep, beautiful and poetic filled with decades of hard-fought wisdom and insight. It’s a must read and experience!"

Jacob Stull, Atlanta, Georgia


Love as an Art Form has become a good, peaceful, and challenging morning ritual for me!  Realizing that love is IN us and that love is art means that I must have art in me by way of Love!  Im an artist!

This book and the art pieces have been inspiring, thought provoking, and a tool used to dig inside my soul and cause me to think, consider, surrender, and choose to be better - different - more loving!  

The book is art - easily laid out, digestible in pieces, stunningly gorgeous and asks all the right questions!  Give this gift to yourself - the legacy you leave in it will change generations through the power of Love!!!”

Masi Willis, Atlanta, Georgia


“As I read Love as an Art Form, I was moved by the reminder of the simplicity of love and what we are called to do - to treat one another with love and kindness. It's so easy yet we all forget sometimes. The incredible artwork that is so carefully chosen for each daily reflection is imaginative, innovative and full of talent and wonder. Pairing love and art is brilliant. I want all of my friends to have a copy of this book as a daily reminder to love one another!”

Tyler Davenport Ewing, Atlanta, Georgia